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Welcome to the Galimulator Wiki! In such a complex game, questions often arise, and as Galimulator's team is comprised of just one person, he can't answer all questions. That's where this wiki comes in!

About The Game
Galimulator is a simulator game about galactic civilizations. You get to watch how they rise and fall, wage war and make peace, or even take control of one in Emperor mode. When you enable Sandbox mode, you can act like a god, building up and destroying entire empires on a whim or go crazy and terrorize the galaxy by spawning space oddities. The game is available for Android, iOS(formerly), Windows, and Linux.
Current Galimulator Versions
Steam Android
Alpha 4.10 N/A N/A
Beta 4.10 N/A 4.9
Stable 4.10 4.10 4.9
Note: iOS has been discontinued since version 4.5. iOS devices that still have Galimulator will still be able to access it.

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