A list of all known roles/levels within a empire. (Currently fairly blank so any edits are appreciated)


The leader of the Space empire, are generally very rich and powerful.If he is threatened,as in if another empire is taking territory that he/she is in, they will go to safer territory.

-Autocrat: is the as an emperor same but has no ministers will most times also be richer

-Dictator: is just the same as an emperor but has other ministers

-King: is the head of the government with his family

-Commander in chief: leader of an army type empire


-Military: Normally a person with a very high MIL stat


-Queen: King's wife 

-General of armies: A military minister  

-Admiral of the fleet: Also a Military minister 

Other GovermentEdit

-Arch Priest: Normally a person with a very high ADM stat

-Imperial Guard: Normally a person with a very high INT stat


-Militia commander: commander of the ground forces

-Planetary commander:

-Prince: King's son*

-Princess: King's daughter*

(* are not related to that person)

Ship/Fleet Edit

-Fleet Commander: Only one will appear per empire, can be replaced if current one dies. 

-Captain: Appears on almost all ship types

-Ship Officer: There will be 2 on every manned ship.

-Pilot: Are units whom fly in interceptors

-Reserve pilot: are interceptor pilots on a boarded on a carrier